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Mary Anne Auer

About Us

Founded in 1974, Wexford Labs is dedicated to the safety and education of professionals in the cleaning industry. In 1976 Wexford Labs, Inc. developed the first totally broad-spectrum germicidal detergent, which is neither orally toxic nor a primary skin irritant.  Since that time Wexford Labs has continued to develop and manufacture highly effective, safe, and innovative products. 

Since 2001, Mary Anne Auer, a registered nurse has been the Owner and CEO of Wexford Labs, Inc. After spending over 20 years in the acute healthcare setting, she saw first hand that cleaning measures make a big difference to the health and safety of staff, patients and visitors. This applies not only in healthcare but in all settings including educational, industrial and office buildings.

In 2007 Wexford Labs became a distributor partner of Rochester Midland.

Our common goals of efficacy, safety and cost made it a logical choice for partnership. It enabled us to provide our customers with not only quality disinfectants but also a full line of environmentally friendly products.

Our program addresses the concerns of worker hazards and the negative impact on people who handle harsh cleaning chemicals or occupy the buildings where these chemicals are used. This is a complete program that involves much more than safe chemicals; it provides a knowledge base for management and environmental service workers including a certified "Green Housekeeping" course, safety training, and procedures to help improve and maintain our environment. 

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