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Cleancide Design For the Environment DfE Ready to Use DisinfectantWexford Design For the Environment DfE Disinfectant Wipes

Cleancide DfE Ready to Use Disinfectant LogoWexford DfE Disinfectant Wipes Logo

"Wexford Labs was established 40 years ago on the premise that disinfectants could be effective with minimal impact to equipment, our environment, or to people that handle or come in contact with the products. The CleanCide and Wexford Disinfectant Wipe lines are a physical embodiment of our company's founding principles." (Mary Anne Auer, Owner and CEO)

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If you see the DfE logo on an EPA-authorized antimicrobial pesticide label, you can be assured that the product:

• is in the least-hazardous classes of EPA's acute toxicity category hierarchy
• is unlikely to have carcinogenic or endocrine disruptor properties;
• is unlikely to cause developmental, reproductive, mutagenic, or neurotoxicity issues;
  has no outstanding "conditional registration" data issues;
• EPA has reviewed and accepted mixtures, including inert ingredients;
• does not require the use of Agency-mandated personal protective equipment;
• has no unresolved or unreasonable adverse effects reported;
• has no unresolved efficacy failures (associated with the Antimicrobial Testing Program or otherwise);
• has no unresolved compliance or enforcement actions associated with it; and
• has the identical formulation as the one identified in the DfE application reviewed by the EPA.

About the DfE Program

Design for the Environment (DfE) was created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to identify cleaning and other products that contain the safest possible ingredients, perform well, and are cost-effective. For more than 15 years, DfE has been evaluating products, recommending safer ingredients and recognizing innovative formulations. As of 2011, on average DfE and its partners reduce the use of approximately 700 million pounds of chemicals of concern per year. DfE's team of EPA scientists evaluates the impact of products on people and the environment and awards the DfE label to products that meet the stringent safety criteria. As of 2011, the DfE label can be found on more than 2,500 products. More about the DfE Program and the DfE Antimicrobial Pesticide Pilot Project can be found at:

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